The Naked Story

Luxury Cashmere, Wholesale Prices.

NAKEDCASHMERE is breaking the traditional retail model by cutting out the traditional brick & mortar stores and selling direct to you. Eliminating retail mark-ups allows NakedCashmere to ship the most luxurious pure cashmere sweaters and accessories for half the traditional retail price allowing you to purchase our collection wholesale. Nakedcashmere offers the most extensive cashmere collection available anywhere in the world from our factories directly to your closet.

You don’t buy NAKEDCASHMERE, you collect it.

Leslie & Bruce Gifford, founders of NAKEDCASHMERE

“... inspired by a trip to Mongolia to bring premium cashmere to consumers at an affordable price.”

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“Clothes make you feel a certain way, and you move in that way and you play a character. When I first put on Naked Cashmere, I didn’t feel like I was anyone other than myself. It was really amazing."
- Kate Moss

"Naked Cashmere, a line whose goal is to make Kashmir in premium quality affordable for consumers - no matter what gender or which clothing size."

"Industry veterans and company founders Bruce and Leslie Gifford want consumers to feel as comfortable and self-aware in their threads as Moss does which was, in part, why they founded Naked Cashmere."

"Members of our forums were certainly on board with Naked Cashmere’s refreshing approach...Dear fashion brands and magazines: please take note."

"...premium cashmere directly to consumers at affordable prices."