Six Facts About Cashmere That Might Surprise You

Six Facts About Cashmere That Might Surprise You

Cashmere makes clothing an everlasting, worthy investment with its ability to maintain shape and color over decades. Just like precious metals, cashmere is considered a commodity yarn and is valued by its weight. Our main goal at NAKEDCASHMERE is to make beautiful cashmere styles that can last a lifetime. We love to share our cashmere knowledge with each customer, so they can make the best decisions when shopping for their quality NAKEDCASHMERE pieces. To help, we’ve put together six interesting facts about cashmere that we believe everyone should know


Cashmere can only be sourced from the undercoat of a special breed of goat


The goats used to harvest cashmere originated in Kashmir and are the only source for this fiber to this day. While populating both Pakistan and India, the hardiest of goats reside in Inner Mongolia, where the harsher climate encourages a thicker undercoat providing the best quality fibers.


Harvesting cashmere fibers can only happen during spring each year

Harvesting goat hairs is a yearlong process. For most of the year, goats live freely in the mountains of India, Pakistan and Mongolia and can only be combed in the springtime each year. This timeline allows for a full year of hair growth that is then combed from the goats before they have a chance to naturally shed. Once the “guard hair,” as it is called, has been combed and sorted by hand, the fiber undergoes a mechanical process to separate the actual cashmere strand used in garments.

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